Functional IT Infrastrucrure Services Functional IT Services
Functional IT Infrastrucrure Services

You need our IT (Information Technology) Services because it makes running your business easier and more cost effective.    Our approach involves;

  • Project Management
    Installing Windows Servers and workstations, BlackBerry Servers, local and remote Email services, Internet Connectivity and VPN's, Compliance, Standardized systems and lots more.

  • Preventative Maintenance
    Virus Protection, Firewall setup, Backups that actually work, Disaster Recovery, Helpdesk Support for clients, 24/7 Monitoring services and lots more

Functional IT Project Management
  • Server and Workstation Installation - Installing your computers and servers
  • BlackBerry Servers - We handle the installation and upgrades required
  • Email Services - Both local and remote access using OWA (Outlook Web Access) and RPC (Remote Procedure Call)
  • Internet Connectivity - Buying technologies that are compatible with your system and avoid dropping (or limiting) authorized internet access
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) - Having your company use the internet to connect to remote sites or other users
  • Compliance - Making sure your company website complies with requirements like HIPPA (Healthcare), SEC (Financial), Section 508 and such
  • Standardized Systems - Ensuring all your computers or servers are set up correctly, preventing time lost on upgrades and maintenance
Functional IT Preventative Maintenance
  • Virus Protection - Installation and evaluation so you avoid system shut downs and loss of both time and money due to virus infections
  • Firewall Installation - Making sure you are not vulnerable to attacks from hackers
  • Backups - We setup and test your backups remotely so we know you can restore from them if needed
  • Disaster Recovery (not the same as backups!) - How fast can your business operate after a natural (flood) or human induced (fire) disaster?
  • Helpdesk - We provide unsurpassed support to all our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Monitoring Services - We monitor all our services 24/7 so that we fix any issues before you even know about them
  • Checklists and Backup assurance - Using checklists ensures that everything that needs to be done is taken care of
  • Documentation - Save time and cost by not having to track down things like passwords, training material, security codes, manuals
  • Security monitoring - Securing systems to prevent damages and losses due to hackers and poor employee practises

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